SamsTVhub is your own video helper to relax, re-energize and get entertained. Showing unique dynamic relaxation shoots from the ground, water and sky above.
At Immersion in Nature, Our passion is to reflect the way we see Nature when we're on a walk, boat expedition, bike trail, ski-hill, or through a bird's eye-view.
Nature promotes spiritual growth and can be a perfect background for accompanies every ambience and provides many possibilities to your day.
This is a tool to unravel new possibilities from your device. Enjoy these very short videos from the office, school, transit, coffee shop, home and more!
I spent so many happy childhood memories here. Many thanks for a truly immersive experience. The nice calm music always helps me feel that wonderful place again.

Bernie Ryan
I appreciate the well thought-out music and the serenity that each scene brings to my business and my home.Inspiring for the soul.

Chris Margraves
Our old marina i remember dredging that very place. I also dare to say that it in some way works for me, i can experience that to some extent.

Anne-Marie Hamber
Terrific! The camera flies like an iron, no vibrations at all and it is relaxing for the body and mind. A piece of paradise. Thank you!

Alexander Bardin