What is SamsHub?
SamsHub is a Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) channel located in www.samstvhub.com and working the same as Netflix.

What is main feature of SamsHub?
We offer short 100% our original video (2-3 min) for help our customers to relax, energize and entertain during coffee break periods.

What's your pricing?
We working on subscription base and offer our channel for US $2.99/month by monthly payments and $1.99/month by annual payment

How your channel can help me?
You can consider our channel like a tool to reduces fatigue and helps to sustain a positive mood

How often you update your channel?
Usually we add new video bi-weekly. 

Why I need to subscribe for SamsHub?
Not only for permanent upgrade but also be always able return to your favorites where you receive most relaxation and energy refilling.

What devices I can use?
Upon one time sign up, you can watch our channel wherever there is an internet browser. On Android/iOS mobile, tablet, computer, video game console and TV.

But it's boring every time going to the browser and type samshub.com?
You can create shortcut on your desktop. As result you can run channel as an App. This works with PC/Mac and Apple/Android.

Can I use SamsHub as a Gift for friends and relatives?
Yes. We have special payment method "Gift". You can watch channel for 3, 6 and 12 month (without no Trial). It's one time, no recursive payment. You need only send your email (used for registration on channel) and choosen password for the person(s) to whom the gift is intended.

What if i want unsubscribe SamsHub?
Very easy. In "Contact Page" on www.samstvhub.com in contact form select in Issue Type - Unsubscribe. It's it. But you will have connected till the end of subscription period.

How can you inspire me to subscribe?
We living in fast and competitive life. We need constantly relax and refill our energy to be in shape. Add SamsHub to your cup of coffee/tea, cigarette or cake during coffee break. Maybe even replace something to improve your health and save money. Join us and watch a lot of great but short films!

I want to start. What I have to do?
Perform simple 3 steps. 1) Make a Sign Up - red button in right upper corner 2) Get email from us with validation link 3) Press button "Start Your Free Trial" That's it. Stream on!